We Are Baaa-ck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Dear Members,
As we said before, we are slowly but surely welcoming you all back inside the club.
This is one of the best analogies I've read over the past few months that I believe clarifies where we all are in pandemic times.
We are all sorting out what our speed is day by day.
THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to make your monthly payment to the club. The team here couldn't be more appreciative. Certainly, not everyone did continue so there will be no going back to "normal" for us anytime soon.
This week, we will begin to set some expected hours of operation. This will allow us to access how many folks are going to use the gym, how many cancelled and frozen members are coming back, etc...
We also cannot have hours now where you can come in from the hotel side. That's a huge loss for us, but we have to keep everyone's safety in mind. Please plan to enter and exit on the club side at all times. If you would like to use the club at a time outside our posted hours, you are welcome to reach out to us, we will contact the trainers and you can see if you can arrange a time with them. (See Below)
Safety measures we have in place are:
1) Hand Sanitizer provided
2) Masks must be brought with you, but only must be worn when you cannot maintain 6ft social distance, when you walk around or go in the lobby.
3) Hand socks provided for extra layer of protection
4) All equipment should be wiped down before and after use, spray bottles and towels are provided as you walk in
We are now offering classes live in the studio upstairs! Please let your instructor know if you're planning to come in. All classes are currently also being offered on-line. Some classes are still only available on-line. See our Member Class Portal Below.
We know that feelings around COVID-19 are broad and quite polarized. We ask that in the club, we honor the most safety conscious of our attendees. We are fellow members of a great community and we all have differing beliefs and morals and are driving different speeds.
We all hope to SEE you soon. We miss our club family and hope to preserve it moving forward.
In love and health,
Shannon, Tim, Grace and the trainer and instructor teams